Work Samples for Pierre Lacombe

Work Sample 1: The Rainbow and the Stars

This is the first in an occasional series. This video is about the history of astronomical spectroscopy, and it is aimed at a lay audience with no background in the subject. It answers the questions: What are the stars made of, and how do we know? A follow-up video is in the works.

Work Sample 2: Designing the Internet of Things

This is the first of a five-part series about the new market for internet-enabled devices. I wrote, photographed, performed in, and produced the entire series. The intended audience is programmers and CEOs at software companies.

Work Sample 3: Living with Thalassemia

This is an ongoing series that I am producing with my wife, who suffers from a type of chronic anemia. We want to reach out to a community of people who are dealing with chronic illnesses, and talk about having a full and normal life. I co-write and direct the series, with my wife as co-writer and onscreen talent.

About the banner photo: The photo above is the theater of the old Montreal Planetarium on Saint-Jacques street. At center is the Zeiss planetarium projector, built in 1966. The photo was taken on October 11, 2011, only two days before the planetarium closed.