Introducing the Blade Runner Project

The year 2012 was a slow year for my photography. I did little work that challenged me, and almost no studio work at all.

I want to change that in 2013. The longer I leave something stagnant, the harder it is to pick it back up again. Momentum is a precious commodity.

Over the last few years, I’ve learned a little bit about portrait lighting, and managed to create some interesting and pleasing images. But I want to improve my game, and to do that, I will learn by studying the work of a master. I’ve always loved cinematic lighting, and Ridley Scott’s movie Blade Runner has some of the most gorgeous, moody and expressive photography I’ve ever seen.

So, over the next several months, I will plan and execute a series of shoots to emulate these images. The goal is not necessarily to create reproductions of these photos in every detail, but to reproduce the mood, the lighting and the framing. My hope is that these will become a centerpiece of my photographic portfolio.

They say that self-generated work is often a truer expression of a person’s talents and ambitions than work for hire. You’ll have to judge for yourself by the results toward the end of the year.

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