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All the Web sites showcased here perform very well over dialup connections, and are compatible across multiple browsers and operating systems.

Sports travel made easy. Transit Sport International's service is unique: tourism for sports teams. Partnered with House of Travel, TSI enables youngsters to embark on the trip of a lifetime. Learn how we helped TSI shape its online presence. View the site

Delivering the goods. Digital Wind provided EveryPoint Logistics Solutions with a complete makeover: A new branding identity and a new web site. A third-party logistics provider, EPLS needed a visual style to make them stand out from the pack. View the site

Building customers. Ross & Anglin is a general construction contractor with a 70-year history. A family-owned, brick-and-mortar business, Ross & Anglin is a newcomer to the 'Net. Digital Wind designed their first foray onto the web. View the site

Sun Sea. Sand. Digital Wind collaborated with House of Travel in the development of a new logo design and a new web site that was identifiable and memorable. We created a clean, well-organized, site based on user needs. View the site

Leaving on a jet plane. Digital Wind proposed this design for the innovative flight simulator, X-Plane. The challenge was to organize the vast amount of content on the existing home page in an easy-to-maintain, attractive layout. View the site

Start your engines. CC Mustang produces add-on custom grilles for Ford Mustangs. This site features a clean layout, a shopping cart, and a great deal of original product photography, which was created by Digital Wind. View the site

Polymer Films and Fibers. One of two sites created for IMI, a branch of the National Research Council of Canada (NRC). This site promotes a symposium on polymer films and fibers, and features micrographs of various fibers. View the site

Blow a bottle. The second site created for NRC/IMI, promoting a symposium on blow-molding. Thanks to good design, Digital Wind re-used of all the existing HTML, and simply created a new style sheet, thus saving time and money. View the site

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Our practices are all about efficiency, elegance, and reducing costs — while always keeping focus on the real live people using your Web site.

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Client Stories

Sports & Travel. TSI launched their first web site with Digital Wind. Find out how.

Deliver the Goods. EPLS needed a new web site with a new direction and new branding. They got it.

Building Up.
When construction contractor Ross & Anglin made their first foray onto the web, they came to us.

Sun. Sea. Sand. Montreal's House of Travel needed a fresh, new, and more customer-oriented web site. So we gave them one.