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Blade Runner Photo Shoot 2

Send in the fog!

The second shoot in this series featured Eric Julien, who is a co-worker of mine. We shot at Studio4Fun’s Lenoir studio, and it was my first time working with a fog machine.

The goal in this session was to recreate two strongly-backlit images — one in blue, the other in golden tones. In one, the subject was a silhouette against the window, while in the other, the subject is lit separately from the light flooding in the window.

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Behind the Scenes at the First Blade Runner Shoot

Today was my first in a series of shoots inspired by the cinematography of the movie Blade Runner.

I have actually never shot in a studio before. Every other portrait I have taken has been either in a makeshift location, or else taken using natural light. And the problem with shooting in homes, offices, and park benches is that don’t allow for tight control over photo. When shooting at home, for example, I have always had to deal with reflections from the walls and ceiling.

So I’ve never before had firm control over contrast, shadow, and tone. So in many ways, today’s shoot was pure pleasure. But once relieved of physical limitations, I realized to what extent I was then required to fill the empty space with my own creativity, imagination, and skill. I still have much to learn.

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Introducing the Blade Runner Project

The year 2012 was a slow year for my photography. I did little work that challenged me, and almost no studio work at all.

I want to change that in 2013. The longer I leave something stagnant, the harder it is to pick it back up again. Momentum is a precious commodity.

Over the last few years, I’ve learned a little bit about portrait lighting, and managed to create some interesting and pleasing images. But I want to improve my game, and to do that, I will learn by studying the work of a master. I’ve always loved cinematic lighting, and Ridley Scott’s movie Blade Runner has some of the most gorgeous, moody and expressive photography I’ve ever seen.

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