Blade Runner Photo Shoot 1

I’m quite pleased with the results of my first Blade Runner-inspired shoot. The model was the lovely Chantal Stephan, and we shot at Studio4Fun’s Lenoir studio. See the behind-the-scenes pics taken by Uzema to get a feel for the environment. The shoot was on Saturday, February 23, 2013.

I’m particularly pleased with numbers 3, 4, and 7. Your tastes may be different.

The setup was as follows:

  • Chantal sat at a makeshift table with a mirror to look at, placed just below her eyeline.
  • In front of her, and to her left, is a 46-inch Softlighter II, gelled with two cuts of half-CTO to give her key light a strong tungsten-like colour.
  • To her right is a small sofbox with one cut of half CTB to fill the shadows with a soft blue light.

The effect of these two lights is to provide a variation in colour of the light across her face, from warm highlights to neutral shadows.

The background in some shots shows a blue-toned light. This was another flash with a blue gel and a grid snoot fired through two objects to create shadows. The first was a hand-made cucoloris that resembled a set of horizontal blinds. The other was a ladder.

Shoot setup. Click to embiggen.
Shoot setup. Click to embiggen.

The images were processed with a colour temperature of about 3400K to retain some of the warmth while making the background go even bluer.

The next shoot is later this month.

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