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A Window into Profile Photos

Take a moment, and have a quick look at your contacts in some of your social media tools, like LinkedIn. How many people do you know with a decent profile photo?

Go ahead. I’ll wait.

Did you look? Think about your reaction for a moment: did you find yourself involuntarily making snap judgements based on those pictures?

Most people do; we can’t help it. We all need pictures for our profiles on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Slack, YouTube, and so on… especially if we use any or all of these platforms professionally.

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Making the Boss Look Good

No, not quite that way.

My video series about the Internet of Things features two people in speaking roles: myself, and the Vice-President of Micrium, Christian Légaré. One of the delicate parts of a production like this is making sure that the top man looks good on camera. He must be the voice of the company, an authority figure, and a source of insight. And something as trivial as bad lighting would completely undermine his credibility.

I wanted to shoot Christian’s segments in his office, which you can see below. Ideally, I wanted to place him in an open, airy space that was still recognizable as a workplace. But at first glance, his office doesn’t seem to be a likely candidate. But looks can be deceiving.

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Making Sense of the Internet of Things

This is a project I’ve been working on for months, and it is at last coming to fruition.

This is the first episode in a five-part video series about the Internet of Things. The series is intended for decision-makers in IT; a technically-literate audience, but not necessarily experts in the field. It will cover the technologies behind local networks, the “Things” themselves, the Internet, the Cloud, and the software that runs on IoT devices.

And most importantly… I’m making educational videos again, something I haven’t done in far, far too long.

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